Garden Workshops and Master Gardeners

Barbara: The wonderful UCCE Master Gardeners of Orange County are at it again. They'll be presenting a series of five exciting gardening workshops March 13 — May 15 at the Farm and Food Lab in the Great Park in Irvine (details below and in the sidebar). If you live in Orange County and are a... Continue Reading →

A Morning Full of Surprises

Barbara: I was looking forward to this past Saturday morning ever since I read that the University of California Cooperative Extension Master Gardeners would be presenting a fall vegetable workshop at the Farm and Food Lab in the Great Park. Irvine is something of a wasteland when it comes to these sorts of things, so... Continue Reading →

A California Bee Garden

B: To kill the lawn or not to kill the lawn? That is the question. As we've been writing this blog, I've spent lots of time thinking of ways I can help the honeybees. Since I live in an over-regulated, zero-lot line suburban community, where the locals' favorite activity is making sure EVERYONE follows the... Continue Reading →

Bees — Everywhere

B: We're all familiar with the phenomenon of suddenly seeing a subject we're interested wherever we look, but I think that anyone, not just the bee-obsessed, would agree that nearly everywhere you look lately there are articles about bees and beekeeping. A case in point is an article in this morning's Los Angeles Times about... Continue Reading →

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