Suped Up TBH

Mary Beth: This will be my last bee update from Block Island for a while because Ray and I are on the road. Durango, here we come!. Monday, May 3: The apple trees are blooming on the Island. The buds started opening up around April 27th, which is really early. As I mentioned in an... Continue Reading →

Happy Bees and Frustrated Deer

Mary Beth: Crazy days! For a couple of weeks things were so chaotic that I got the point where I didn't want anything to do with my bees. Thankfully they've settled down, but those bad girls sure gave me a run for the money. At the end of the swarming, four in all, I ended... Continue Reading →

And One Hive Makes Two

Mary Beth: How is it when you think your life couldn't get anymore hectic, it does? It’s been raining like crazy in these parts and that’s messed up my schedule in a big way. I've been trying to squeeze my clients in on the days it doesn’t rain, but there’s way too much work to... Continue Reading →

Getting Ready!

MB: Before I give you an update, I thought this picture of almost-blossoming quince buds would cheer you up. Spring really is here, it's just been a little hard to believe. Ray made a slatted bottom board and a hive stand. So now the hive really is ready for its new residents. I just finished... Continue Reading →

Home Sweet Home

B: The hive is finished! And what a beautiful hive it is. It’s so pretty that I want one even without the bees. But, bees it will have. We're counting down the days until our little bees arrive on April 10th. That will be a momentous day and like Penelope Cruz giving her Oscar acceptance... Continue Reading →

First Things First

The bees need a home. They arrive on Block Island around April 10th and they’ll need a place to live. There’s a lot more to this than you might imagine. Not that it’s not doable, but whooee. The brush needs to be cleared from the area where the hive will go, but that will have... Continue Reading →

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