Late Season Blossoms

Mary Beth: I can write this post now because the cold weather has finally come to the Island and my husband won't blame me for "jinxing" the unusually warm weather we've enjoyed recently. Every time I spoke about how wonderful it's been and of the flowers that are still blooming around the Island and in... Continue Reading →


Mary Beth: I love this time of year. It's a time when I like to make a few changes in the garden beds. Some work, some don't and, while the main bones of the garden will always be the same, it's fun to have a few surprises to look forward to the next year. And... Continue Reading →

Garden Dreams: Flowers

Barbara: The vegetable garden provides us with deeply-appreciated sustenance for body and soul, but the flower garden is a feast for the eyes, not to mention an irresistible draw for bees and humans (especially humans with cameras). I've indulged in the written word in the past two posts. This time I'll let the images speak... Continue Reading →

Garden Dreams

Barbara: Once upon a time my parents dreamed of a place where they could live by the sea with their five children during lazy summers. So in the winter of 1964 my mom pored over the rental ads in the Sunday New York Times. She found a tiny ad for a summer cottage on Block... Continue Reading →

Happy Bees and Frustrated Deer

Mary Beth: Crazy days! For a couple of weeks things were so chaotic that I got the point where I didn't want anything to do with my bees. Thankfully they've settled down, but those bad girls sure gave me a run for the money. At the end of the swarming, four in all, I ended... Continue Reading →

Number Three?!

Barbara: Remember when Mary Beth told you to stayed tuned for updates about the old hive? Well, we do we have updates! Here’s one from a couple of days ago. And I’ll mention that we’ll follow up soon with this morning’s excitement, which is still unfolding as I type — lord have mercy!   Mary... Continue Reading →

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