Tuesday’s Tips — Garden Roundup

The gardening season is winding down for many of us and even if you live in warmer climes like I do (Southern California), you're probably looking around your garden and thinking about what worked well this past season and what didn't work. And that's exactly what Mary Beth and I talked about this morning. So of... Continue Reading →

Tuesday’s Tips — Grab Bag

Barbara: I just bought Pat Welsh's Southern California Organic Gardening: Month By Month. What an amazing resource this is! A month-by-month guide to organic gardening, it's full-to-bursting with everything you need to know about growing beautiful, healthy plants. Even though this guide is written for my region, I would encourage the rest of you to... Continue Reading →

Tips for Gardeners and Beekeepers

Mary Beth and I were talking about a comment we ran across on a Garden Rant post wherein the commenter was critical of many garden blogs that "contain too many personal anecdotes...and not a lot of useful gardening information."  Now, in case you didn't notice, we love our personal anecdotes. It's one of the reasons... Continue Reading →

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