Tuesday’s Tips — Pet Safe Gardens

Keeping Pets Safe in the Garden We are proud to introduce the stars of today's post: Kea, Sage and Joker who live in Colorado with Mary Beth. Emmie's in California with Barbara. We figure that every gardener who has pets has also had a brush with disaster when their pooch or kitty has gotten into... Continue Reading →

WTF’s Eating My Tomato Plants?

Mary Beth: Oh how wonderful it is to be standing in the garden looking at those beautiful tomatoes, feeling proud of my babies and thinking of all the delicious meals I’m going to make. Mmm. Wait! Something catches my eye. WTF?! Something is chewing big chunks of my plants! My tomatoes! A shiver runs down... Continue Reading →

Garden Dreams

Barbara: Once upon a time my parents dreamed of a place where they could live by the sea with their five children during lazy summers. So in the winter of 1964 my mom pored over the rental ads in the Sunday New York Times. She found a tiny ad for a summer cottage on Block... Continue Reading →

And One Hive Makes Two

Mary Beth: How is it when you think your life couldn't get anymore hectic, it does? It’s been raining like crazy in these parts and that’s messed up my schedule in a big way. I've been trying to squeeze my clients in on the days it doesn’t rain, but there’s way too much work to... Continue Reading →

Garden Critters

B: In even the smallest gardens, amazing things happen all the time. Last week we had one of those perfect gardening days here in Southern California — blue skies, warm, wispy breezes. Gardening on days like this brings about a kind of meditative state, a peculiar slowing down of time that creates focused alertness. In... Continue Reading →

Bees? Anybody See Some Bees?

B: Remember yesterday when Mary Beth said that barring unforeseen circumstances we would have bees today? Well, we have unforeseen circumstances — sort of. Actually it was an assumption that got us, as they often do. We assumed that they'd be coming by mail, but the bees are being picked up tomorrow by an Island... Continue Reading →

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