Tuesday’s Tips — Pet Safe Gardens

Keeping Pets Safe in the Garden We are proud to introduce the stars of today's post: Kea, Sage and Joker who live in Colorado with Mary Beth. Emmie's in California with Barbara. We figure that every gardener who has pets has also had a brush with disaster when their pooch or kitty has gotten into... Continue Reading →

Tuesday’s Tips — Composting

Let's talk about the single most important element in gardening — soil. As you know, we're strong proponents of using organic gardening methods and our guiding principle is this: feed the soil so the soil can feed the plants. Feeding the soil rather than the plants is a critical distinction. Feeding plants with synthetic fertilizers... Continue Reading →

Tuesday’s Tips — Grab Bag

It's been a while since we promised to make this a regular feature of our blog, but we really mean it this time. We're going to post gardening and beekeeping tips every Tuesday — or if we get super busy, every other Tuesday. And we've added a new page where we'll gather all of the... Continue Reading →

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