The Power of Green

...and other news. Here are a few stories that we've come across in the past few days that we think you might find interesting. School Wildlife Habitats We loved this one in particular. We all know about the life-enhancing lessons that kids take away from school (food) gardens. Well here's another powerful way to engage... Continue Reading →

Tuesday’s Tips — July Gardening

It's getting really hot pretty much everywhere, so we're going to focus on keeping your plants well-watered. Plants transpire (evaporate) water vapor through tiny holes on their leaves — mostly on the underside. This helps to cool the plant and draws nutrients from the soil and roots to the upper parts of the plant. On hot... Continue Reading →

Tuesday’s Tips — Time to Think Citrus

Gardens in coastal Southern California are really starting to come to life. Night-time temperatures are warming up and so is the soil which encourages bioactivity to start up again after its winter dormancy. March is primetime for attending to your citrus trees. Truth be told, I should have started feeding mine last month, but it's still... Continue Reading →

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