What About the Bees?!

Mary Beth: Winter is coming, I think, and even though the weather continues to be unusually warm for this time of year, I've been getting the bees ready. So, what about the bees? Every time I tell someone that Ray and I are moving back to Colorado (Ch, Ch, Changes), I hear this question. I'll... Continue Reading →

Happy Bees and Frustrated Deer

Mary Beth: Crazy days! For a couple of weeks things were so chaotic that I got the point where I didn't want anything to do with my bees. Thankfully they've settled down, but those bad girls sure gave me a run for the money. At the end of the swarming, four in all, I ended... Continue Reading →

Number Three?!

Barbara: Remember when Mary Beth told you to stayed tuned for updates about the old hive? Well, we do we have updates! Here’s one from a couple of days ago. And I’ll mention that we’ll follow up soon with this morning’s excitement, which is still unfolding as I type — lord have mercy!   Mary... Continue Reading →

And One Hive Makes Two

Mary Beth: How is it when you think your life couldn't get anymore hectic, it does? It’s been raining like crazy in these parts and that’s messed up my schedule in a big way. I've been trying to squeeze my clients in on the days it doesn’t rain, but there’s way too much work to... Continue Reading →

Shad in Bloom

B: Our spring landscape features acres and acres of pillowy white clouds covering most of Block Island. In the morning the bees shoot out of the hive straight into this gnarled, blossom-covered tree. From here on out Mary Beth's garden will be surging with new-green shoots. Then in a few quick weeks, with help from... Continue Reading →

Pollen Detectives

B: We love it when our little bees come home loaded with pollen. They spend all day buzzing about stuffing pollen into pouches on the tibia of their hind legs which are called corbicula, or pollen baskets. Pollen baskets! It makes me giggle every time I hear it. I think of cartoon bees with tiny... Continue Reading →

Queen Bee Rules

After leaving the honeybees alone for a few days to let them get settled in, I opened the hive on Friday all suited up and nervous. I checked the cage that had held the Queen and, to my immense relief, it was empty. Yea! They released her! Burr comb is random, wild comb that the... Continue Reading →

Hallelujah, We Have Bees!!!

MB: Wow! The last two days have been a jumble of excitement and nervousness. Even though I obsessively watched videos and read my books and websites over and over, I was still afraid I would do something wrong, like forget what to do in the middle of putting the bees in the hive. It felt... Continue Reading →

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