Tuesday’s Tips — Garden Roundup

The gardening season is winding down for many of us and even if you live in warmer climes like I do (Southern California), you're probably looking around your garden and thinking about what worked well this past season and what didn't work. And that's exactly what Mary Beth and I talked about this morning. So of... Continue Reading →

Benefits of Organic Gardening

Mary Beth & Barbara: Here's another post where we're going to let the pictures tell the story. All we really want to say is that the rewards for not using chemical pesticides are many. Some are obvious, like just knowing that you're not adding to the chemical load in the environment. Others are more subtle... Continue Reading →

WTF’s Eating My Tomato Plants?

Mary Beth: Oh how wonderful it is to be standing in the garden looking at those beautiful tomatoes, feeling proud of my babies and thinking of all the delicious meals I’m going to make. Mmm. Wait! Something catches my eye. WTF?! Something is chewing big chunks of my plants! My tomatoes! A shiver runs down... Continue Reading →

Garden Critters

B: In even the smallest gardens, amazing things happen all the time. Last week we had one of those perfect gardening days here in Southern California — blue skies, warm, wispy breezes. Gardening on days like this brings about a kind of meditative state, a peculiar slowing down of time that creates focused alertness. In... Continue Reading →

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