Gardening News

Another in a series of posts to bring you interesting garden-related stories. This week we have links to a few articles we think you'll like and news about events in Southern California. A Plan to Turn Brooklyn's Unused Acres Green: This article is about a truly great idea that a group of Brooklyn gardeners called... Continue Reading →

Okie’s Birdfeeders

A couple of Tuesday's ago we wrote a post about hacking a birdfeeder from an IKEA shelf. In our post we promised to share any pictures that readers sent to us showing how they'd created their own birdfeeders out of repurposed materials. We received a charming email that depicted birdfeeders so clever and attractive that... Continue Reading →

Tuesday’s Tips

Oh boy! We're not even deep into winter yet and we're already scratching our heads trying to come up with some tips that are worth writing about. Sure there's lots we could do, but turkeys, and pies, and the big questions, "How many people are actually going to show up for Thanksgiving dinner?" and "How... Continue Reading →

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