Sunday Zen

Durango, Colorado

Purple Passionflower

Irvine, California

Macro photo of Orange Tulip Petals

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  1. Barbara,

    Enjoyed the spirit of your blog from 2009 about creating a pollinator garden, which came up during research tonite on pollinator plants. Wanted to share a resource for pollinator gardens that’s been my passion for the few couple years and has now blossomed into an online resource to make all gardens pollinator-supporting— We have OP/heirloom vegetable, flower, herb, native and cover crop seeds and honeybee food mixes, mason bee houses and other habitat materials and resources.

    As far as I know, we’re the only seed company with a prominent “grow for” line in our plant listings that indicate up front what pollinators may be supported by each plant. I hope this will be a helpful gathering of information to get people gardening to support the pollinators and increase harvests (as you mention in one blog about squash plants without pollinators). In my garden digger bees slept overnight in the blossoms of the Costata Romanesca squash–an italian variety I couldn’t speak more highly of–for many weeks last summer. After spending an hour or 2 quivering on the floral “parts” (their way of gathering the pollen), these native bees take off with a loud buzz for their nests to make bee bread.

    I took hundreds of closeups of these bees and others, what a wonderful way to spend time in the garden! haven’t set up a formal blog yet, but take a look at the photo story on the “about us” page. Will be putting up more of these images of the glorious array of pollinators as I can.

    The native bees are just that, many of them local, and I’d love to hear more about what bees you’ve attracted in Durango—I”m a bit more south in north central NM.

    Would be happy to exchange links with you or anyone else blogging about pollinators in the garden.

    Laurie Lange, Pollinator Nation

    1. Laurie – I love the image I get from your story about the digger bees in the squash blossoms! I live in Southern California. Mary Beth, my sister and co-blogger, lives in the Durango area. We have taken a bit of a break from posting, but I will let her know about your site. Love all of your pollinator pics and it’s great to have a resource for plants for them. I’ll happily put a link to your site on our blog. Our pollinators, especially the natives, need all the help they can get – and we need theirs!

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