Tuesday’s Tips — Finding Answers to Gardening Questions

Even though Mary Beth and I are Master Gardeners with many years experience we are often vexed by gardening questions we can’t answer or situations where we’ve tried everything we know and problems are still not resolved. Other times we’re pretty sure we know what we’re talking about, but we want to be damn sure we are giving the most accurate information to our clients and readers.

So where do we go when we need answers? We have a few tried and true suggestions. Certainly the following list is not comprehensive, but we think you will find them to be very reliable sources of information that will provide answers to most of your questions.

University cooperative extensions are a source for the most up-to-date, researched-based information on plants, plant diseases and treatments, and insects — good and bad. The scientists at the extensions also track new plant diseases and  invasive insect species. (BTW, here in California where university budgets are being slashed, the extensions are taking a huge hit which impacts, if not cripples, their ability to track and stop invasive species and new plant diseases. If things continue this way, there will soon come a day when all we can do is watch while some of our food crops and ornamentals are decimated by insects or diseases that no one has the funds or know-how to stop. This is what smaller government will get you. Scary and depressing.)

UC IPM — University fo California’s Integrated Pest Management website has pretty much everything you want to know about insects, pests, and diseases in the home garden. IPM is the practice of using the least toxic methods first. We, of course, recommend that you never go past the organic line.

Colorado State University Extension — visit PlantTalk for everything garden-related in Colorado (in English and Spanish).

Other state universities have extensions too if you’re looking for information specific to your area.

Sunset’s Western Garden book is one of the first places we look for information on individual plants and their cultural requirements. Sunset Magazine’s website is also a great place for plant information as well as landscaping and design ideas, garden projects, and more.

Garden Design Magazine and website —  we used to find this a little out of our league (well, more than a little) with all its high-end furniture and design ideas, but they revamped it a few months ago and it’s much more down to earth with a lot of great garden design ideas, outdoor entertaining, and information on new plants and products.

Organic Gardening Magazine and website — we love this magazine. We read cover to cover as soon as we get it.

Dave Wilson Nursery — this website is loaded with great information about Backyard Orchard Culture. Check out Fruit Tube, DWN’s You Tube videos with demos on planting, pruning and caring for fruit trees.

And if you can’t find the answer in any of these places, send us an email (barbara@beesandchicks.com) with your gardening question and we’ll be happy to help you.

Happy gardening!

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