Garden Journal — Spring Cleaning

I completed my March gardening to do list in the final days of the month. I collected all my tools, cleaned them up, and sharpened and oiled my pruners. All the garden beds are cleaned and ready to go, and I pruned the winter damage to my shrubs and trees.

I planted cool weather veggies in new beds that I prepared last fall. The soil was beautiful and it felt good to sink my hands into it! I put in snap peas, lettuce, spinach, kale, radishes, golden beets, and Swiss chard. I also planted some open seed packages of flowers along the borders ’cause I love flowers in my veggie garden. With luck I’ll have white cosmos, borage, marigolds, and sweet peas. It was a good thing I finished when I did because the snow started to fall a few hours later.

I planted garlic last October and I’m very pleased with its progress. The spring-green tops are starting to appear above the pine needle mulch and I think the plants are really happy in the beds I made them.

And finally, I took soil samples that I sent off on Monday. Barb and I will share our results when they come in.

As you read this I will be on the last leg of my drive to the East Coast (with my husband, our 2 dogs — Kea and Sage, and our maniac cat, Joker). We’ll be staying on Block Island for a few weeks so my Colorado gardens will have to fend for themselves while I am gone. That’s a real bummer, but the Island is beautiful in the spring and I can help with the gardens while I’m there. I’m really anxious about my Island bees and hope they survived the harsh winter. We’ll see…

Spring is ramping up, so stretch your gardening muscles and get ready for April’s to do list!

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