Okie’s Birdfeeders

A couple of Tuesday’s ago we wrote a post about hacking a birdfeeder from an IKEA shelf. In our post we promised to share any pictures that readers sent to us showing how they’d created their own birdfeeders out of repurposed materials. We received a charming email that depicted birdfeeders so clever and attractive that we decided to give their inventor her very own guest post.

From Okie at REWINEDesigns:

I love to feed and watch all my backyard birds. It’s not a cheap hobby with buying birdfeeders and seed too. Worse yet is watching all the black birds and squirrels eating all the goods.

I have a business called REWINEDesigns and my slogan is “a purpose to repurpose”. Typically I make wine bottles into new and fun things such as lanterns, accent lamps, plant watering tools, and birdfeeders. I’ve attached a couple of pictures of the things I make with the birds actually using them.

The Pink Flower Birdfeeder is a repurposed winebottle that I got from a local wine store. I drilled small holes into it so the birds can peck out the seed. The top is a plastic plant liner used to guard the birds from rain. The platform is a pillar candle holder I got from a local thrift store. I used a special glue to adhere it to the bottle. A hose clamp and wire are used to hang it. I used enamel paint to give it come pizazz. Pretty huh?

So rather than spend say 20 bucks or more for a new birdfeeder I spent only about $4. Now the time it took to drill out the holes, glue it together, assemble the hanging mechanism, and paint it is all together a different matter. I had so much fun doing it though.

The House Finch Cage Birdfeeder is a wire votive candle holder that I bought on clearance. It is glued to a plastic flower pot liner and the flowerpot liner serves as the rain guard. I might have spent $4 on this too. It’s obvious the house finches like it.

The Titmouse on the Bottle Birdfeeder is another wine bottle that I drilled a hole in and glued in a feeder perch. I did buy the perch feeder online as a replacement part. Same hole clamp and wire to hang it. Cost – $3.

I love finding new uses for used things, especially things I can use as birdfeeders or houses.

I just started my own blog called A Purpose to Repurpose. I hope to use it as tool for showing people how to reuse stuff.

Thanks for allowing me to email my repuporsed birdfeeders. Okie

You can contact our new friend at okie@rewinedesigns.com

Thanks for sharing your ingenious designs, Okie!

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