Green Gift Monday — A Greener Way to Give

By now most everyone is familiar with Cyber Monday, the official start of the online shopping beginning this year on November 29th. Last year consumers spent almost $890 million dollars online and we’re willing to bet our entire holiday gift budgets that a large portion of those dollars were spent on items that are in the back of some dank closet or in the Goodwill bin.

But what if you could really take your gift giving up a few notches by shopping responsibly this year? Well the good folks at The Nature Conservancy are ready to help you put your good intentions into action with Green Gift Monday. They have gathered a wonderful collection of gifts that will protect and save the wild places on this beautiful planet of ours.

On Green Gift Monday you can help The Nature Conservancy create habitats for hummingbirds, adopt an acre in the Rockies, California, or the Appalacians, or protect a coral reef in the South Pacific. So click this link knowing that whichever option you choose you will be making a real difference in the world.

On a personal note, Mary Beth and I want to say how grateful we are for The Nature Conservancy’s efforts in  preserving open space. Readers of this blog know how much we love Block Island, a magical place has been a part of our lives for more than 40 years. The movement to save open space on the Island was started in the early 70’s by visionary Rob Lewis whose tireless efforts were supported by The Nature Conservancy. To date more than 43 percent of Block Island has been protected and will forevermore remain wild and undeveloped to be enjoyed for generations to come thanks to their work and to other generous Islanders who donated land to the cause.


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