On the Road, or Step Back, It’s a Bear!

Mary Beth: The first day on the road is always a little hectic trying to get everything right. I always think I have it all set to go smoothly, but that’s usually not the case. This time I found myself rummaging through the car looking for the cat food, the leashes, and the phone charger. Once got into the hotel room I realized I had only packed 2 pairs of pj bottoms and 1 shirt for the entire time we’re going to be on the road. What was I thinking!? I guess I was imagining the blessed relief of the hotel rooms after a long day’s drive and how I would finally be getting some sleep.

Other than my organization skills being a little out of whack things have gone well. The first night we stopped at a hotel in Carlisle, PA and a funny thing happened while I was walking the 2 dogs. Some guys came around the corner and one of them shouted, “Step back! A bear!” They thought my Malamute mix, Kea, was a bear. They almost had a heart attack! Once they recovered, we all had a good laugh.

Do I look like a bear?

Ray talked to them and found out that they, and a bunch of other guys all hauling boats of many sizes and shapes, were heading down to help out with the oil spill in the Gulf. That explains why the hotel parking was crowded with so many boats. Best of luck to them!

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