Bee Spring Updates

Mary Beth: With the weather calm and warm since the heavy rainstorms came through last week everything is exploding into life.

The bees aren’t drinking as much sugar syrup and they’re beginning to bring in large amounts of pollen. The major source seems to be the red maples. I added a few bars to the TBH (Top Bar Hive) to give the bees more room since they’re starting to build the comb up.

Next week I’ll be checking to see if the Queen is laying eggs. If she is then I’ll have no worries that this hive has made it through the winter in good shape. (Phew!!!)

Barbara: Ever wonder what it’d be like to spend some time with the bees? Mary Beth’s great photos made me feel like I was right there — a “bee’s-eye” view!

Bee Meeting
On a Mission
Back With the Goods
Coming in for a Landing

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  1. Fern and Debo – thanks, I love that one too.

    Doris – glad you enjoyed the photos, it was fun getting up close and taking photos of the bees, they were so busy they ignored me except for a few who landed on me to take a rest!

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