Tuesday’s Tips — Grab Bag

It’s been a while since we promised to make this a regular feature of our blog, but we really mean it this time. We’re going to post gardening and beekeeping tips every Tuesday — or if we get super busy, every other Tuesday. And we’ve added a new page where we’ll gather all of the tips for easy access. Let us know what you think.

Compost aka "Black Gold" will make your plants healthy and better able to resist pests and disease.

Tuesday’s Tip

Get a head start on spring chores.
If the weather’s nice and the beds aren’t too wet, now’s the time to throw on a jacket and grab your shovel. I like to get the flower beds cleaned up early in the season, so yesterday I added compost to the roses and peonies and mulched the beds before the weeds have a chance to get started.

That way if it’s a wet spring, all the hard work will be out of the way. Then you can enjoy the spring and ease right into summer.

Spread the compost at the base of your roses.
Ahhh a finished bed. Seven more to go!

Feeding the bees.
My bees are hungry and chugging down the syrup! So here’s a little reminder for myself and anyone else who forgets the 1:1 ratio for the sugar syrup. It’s 10 cups of water to a 5 lb bag of sugar.

Also, make sure that your bees have some water nearby.

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