Sunday Zen

Mary Beth: Here's another new semi-regular feature — Sunday Zen. We haven't quite defined it yet, but the post title will give you a hint about where we're going with this. Whatever we dream up, it will be all about the images and similar in mood — quiet, contemplative and restful. Because at least one... Continue Reading →

Can’t Stop!

Besides, it's highly attractive to Monarch butterflies and it'll take part shade, which is pretty much all I've got. So I took two!

Ground-nesting Bees

A reader asked us if we knew how to deal with some pesky ground-nesting bees that have made their home in potted plants in her nursery. She's concerned that they might bother her customers, so we did some research and found out lots of interesting things. Ground-nesting bees are part of a large group of... Continue Reading →

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