Late Season Blossoms

The lovely quince

Mary Beth: I can write this post now because the cold weather has finally come to the Island and my husband won’t blame me for “jinxing” the unusually warm weather we’ve enjoyed recently.

Every time I spoke about how wonderful it’s been and of the flowers that are still blooming around the Island and in the gardens, he shushed me and clapped his hands overs his ears. Apparently, just speaking about the warm weather will make it disappear. I guess having to work outside makes one desperately (crazily?) grasp onto these final warm days.

I’ve really enjoyed these last few weeks, discovering new blooms and admiring how beautiful they are among the fallen leaves, in low light.

As I type this, a gale is blowing and these tough as nails beauties will be swirling away in the whipping winds. Tomorrow’s garden will be a winter garden. In the meantime, here are the miracles in my garden — the last flowers of the season. In December!

Heritage Rose
Heritage Rose
One of my sweet girls in lavender
Winter rain on Heritage Rose
Winter rain on Heritage Rose
Sweet Alyssum
William Shakespeare 2000 Rose - a last promise of spring

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  1. Thank you for the gorgeous photos. They are an inspiration for the photographer and gardener in me. By the way – how much space does one need to be a bee keeper? My very small yard and my very many children have kept me from even considering it – but wouldn’t it be fun to see your OWN bees in your own blossoms? Thanks!

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