What the Lettuce Taught Me

Barbara: Like most of you, I've been doing a lot of end-of-the-year/beginning-of-the-new year navel gazing, which I kind of hate, but can't stop doing. I've been groping around for some profound, life-changing insight, some thought that can carry me into 2010 with energy and excitement, but which I have been having the hardest time generating... Continue Reading →

Late Season Blossoms

Mary Beth: I can write this post now because the cold weather has finally come to the Island and my husband won't blame me for "jinxing" the unusually warm weather we've enjoyed recently. Every time I spoke about how wonderful it's been and of the flowers that are still blooming around the Island and in... Continue Reading →

Tips for Gardeners and Beekeepers

Mary Beth and I were talking about a comment we ran across on a Garden Rant post wherein the commenter was critical of many garden blogs that "contain too many personal anecdotes...and not a lot of useful gardening information."  Now, in case you didn't notice, we love our personal anecdotes. It's one of the reasons... Continue Reading →

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