Pollen Detectives


B: We love it when our little bees come home loaded with pollen. They spend all day buzzing about stuffing pollen into pouches on the tibia of their hind legs which are called corbicula, or pollen baskets. Pollen baskets! It makes me giggle every time I hear it. I think of cartoon bees with tiny little baskets attached to their legs.

Bees will only visit one type of blossom on each trip out of the hive and I’ll bet you didn’t know that you can tell which kinds of flowers they’ve collected pollen from during their hard day’s work.

You can! Take a look at the chart in this link and you might deduce where in your garden the bees have been gathering pollen.

Yet another reason to sit in front of your hive mesmerized by your hard-working beauties; brought to you by Marybeth and Barbara.

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