Garden Critters

B: In even the smallest gardens, amazing things happen all the time. Last week we had one of those perfect gardening days here in Southern California — blue skies, warm, wispy breezes. Gardening on days like this brings about a kind of meditative state, a peculiar slowing down of time that creates focused alertness. In these moments I am suddenly aware of small things that I might not have otherwise noticed. As I was cleaning a bed near the brick wall that separates my house from the street, I looked up to see this amazing sight. Anybody want to guess what was going on here?

Lizard love!
Lizard love!

Our lovely Towhees made their appearance. A pair returns to my garden every year to nest. My bird book says that these birds are shy. Not this pair! They were intensely curious as they followed me, running along the top of the wooden fence. I heard their little feet clickety-clicking as they ran. Later in the evening one of them perched on my patio chair and watched our Jack Russell Terrier, Emmie, as she watched them. Bold little things!

And what are you having for lunch?
And what are you having for lunch?

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