Bees? Anybody See Some Bees?

B: Remember yesterday when Mary Beth said that barring unforeseen circumstances we would have bees today? Well, we have unforeseen circumstances — sort of. Actually it was an assumption that got us, as they often do. We assumed that they’d be coming by mail, but the bees are being picked up tomorrow by an Island beekeeper from a trusted source.

So, with just a bit of luck and good weather Mary Beth will have the bees late tomorrow and be placing them in the hive on Sunday. And good thing too. The waiting is getting to all of us. The excitement of the arrival of the honey bees is even having an effect on Ray who sings Lucinda Williams’ “Honey Bee” whenever he sees Mary Beth or calls her on the phone. (Is there anything as sweet as a singing husband?)

Just a side note for those of you not living on an island. To “pick them up tomorrow” means you have to get up early in the morning, drive your car to the dock, load it onto the ferry boat and ride for an hour across 12 miles of hopefully calm ocean to Point Judith. Then you drive to the pick up, while throwing in a few errands for good measure. Later in the afternoon you arrive back at the dock to drive the car onto the ferry for the return trip — straining as you look over your shoulder, and the groceries piled high behind you, while backing the car into a VERY small space on the lower deck. It’s kind of a lovely ritual really. You get to meet with your neighbors and catch up on Island news. No one’s in a hurry, rushing off to do this and that — just riding the boat together across the sea to the other side.

Turns out the delay is for the best anyway. We had other things demanding our attention this morning. Today we sadly said goodbye to sweet Magee, our late father’s Lab. The years got the better of her and we had to let her go this morning. We will miss her.

Sweet Magee at the beach - her favorite place to chase sticks.
Sweet Magee at the beach - her favorite place to chase sticks.

2 thoughts on “Bees? Anybody See Some Bees?

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  1. Oh, sweet Magee.

    Magee was such a great dog. Magee really stuck it out, and always had a great attitude. Magee set a strong example for how to live life: with your tongue out, smiling, swingin’ your tushy, and with no shame about where your hair may fall. Good ole’ Magee.

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