Rescuing the Seedlings

From small beginnings come great things.
From small beginnings come great things.

MB: The seedlings inside and outside are all coming along, albeit not without a little scare. I had 2 tomato plants suffer from the dreaded Damping Off Disease, which strikes fear into my heart. But I stopped it in it’s tracks with chamomile tea sprayings and sprinklings of cinnamon on the soil around the seedlings (mmm, smells nice) and, of course, letting the soil dry out a little in between watering. I think I over watered, so I also put a little fan on for a few days to increase circulation. This has always helped in the past and seems to be working this time around too, thank goodness. Damping Off disease always freaks me out!  Don’t mess with my seedlings!

A few seed packs!
A few seed packs!

The seedlings outside survived two nights of 25-degree weather under the makeshift cold frames. These hardy sprouts are pretty much maintenance free — water everyday and prop up the windows if it gets too warm. When the weather gets a bit more settled, I’ll plant the peas, cauliflower, more cabbage, sweet peas, and few annual flowers for the bees.  Who, by the way, will be here in a couple of days!!

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