Did Someone Say Chickens?

B:  Mary Beth’s been working feverishly to get ready for the main event, the arrival of her honeybees in less than four days — more on that in the next post. In the meantime, we thought we’d show you what the Block Island garden looks like in the last throes of winter.

The pussy willows buds are finally breaking.
The pussy willows buds are finally breaking.

As every gardener knows, no matter how eager you are to get your hands dirty, the weather never pays attention to the calendar and this year is no exception in the Northeast. Last week it was wet, cold and rainy. Today and tomorrow? Wet, cold and rainy.

The garden is just beginning to show some green.
The garden is just beginning to show some green.

This image will provide a nice “before” comparison to what you’ll see later in the summer when the same space will be burgeoning with delicious organic herbs, vegetables and flowers. In the meantime, while waiting for warmer weather, a four-season gardener orders seeds, starts the seedlings and fantasizes about what this year’s PERFECT summer garden will look like.

And I believe that Mary Beth has had too much time to do exactly that. Or to put it more succinctly, she’s lost her mind. Witness the following picture which piqued my interest and made me think, all rational reasoning aside, that chickens might make it into the mix after all.

Chicken coop?
Chicken coop?

See that area staked out on the ground? It’s just about the right size for a chicken coop. Adding weight to the chicken coop theory is that this particular location gets morning sun and afternoon shade, and it’s next to the compost pile and the garden, both of which would provide bugs, grubs and other yummy chicken treats. So I’m thinking chicks, hens, nests, fresh eggs. Cluck, cluck, cluck.

MB: I am having conflicting thoughts about getting chickens. I keep lecturing myself, ” You don’t need another project when your gardening business is going to kick into high gear in just 2 weeks.” And, “You haven’t read enough on chickens yet!”  Furthermore,  “Where are you going to find 2 chickens?” Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, “How much baking am I going to have do to get Ray to help me build that coop?!”

But really, I never listen to that voice in my head.  I’ve drawn a coop design, moved the compost pile, moved the potting table, pruned the tree where I envisioned the coop to be, under dappled sunlight, and just for fun staked out the area to see how the coop would look.

Oh! It really looks like chickens would love this spot!

So you can see where this is leading, in spite of the fact that I keep telling myself I haven’t committed to it yet… stay tuned.

B: To which I say, knowing my sister as I do: make way for chickens!

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  1. Thats really very funny because I know that I’ve done the same thing this year, bought my seeds started indoors and started day dreaming about how I’ll have sprawling pumpkin vines. Your “before” garden shot looks great!

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