Home Sweet Home

CA beautiful copper roof and cleats for lifting the supers have been added.
A beautiful copper roof and cleats for lifting the boxes have been added.

B: The hive is finished! And what a beautiful hive it is. It’s so pretty that I want one even without the bees. But, bees it will have. We’re counting down the days until our little bees arrive on April 10th. That will be a momentous day and like Penelope Cruz giving her Oscar acceptance speech, Mary Beth will be thinking, if not saying, “Has anybody ever fainted up here?” Getting all the bees into the hive will be stress inducing enough, but then there’s the business of the queen in her little cardboard tube. It will be hung between the frames and the queen’s loyal subjects must eat through the candy plug on the end to release her from her sweet prison. Oh my!

MB: Yesterday I was lying down on the garden bench enjoying the warmth of the sun and the antics of two little chickadees who were exploring the new birdhouses I put up. A little honeybee flew over and buzzed around my hands making me smile. This was my first honeybee sighting of the year and she seemed to be telling me that it is almost bee season. As I said a quiet hello Sage (see workshop dogs below) ran over and chased her away, not once, but twice! I’m pretty sure that’s not going to be the kind of behavior I want her to have around the bees. We will have a talk.

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