I heard a rumor that my sister, a talented gardener, was about to become a beekeeper. Rumors of this sort being possible because we have a large family and this is how we let each other know what’s going on in our lives — we tell one sister, who tells another sister, who tells our brother, and on and on.

The rumor, unlike some, was true. Beekeeping! What an amazing idea! I was so amazed that I thought it deserved to be documented and that’s what this blog aims to do. My sister, Mary Beth and I will document the evolution of the hive and we’ll share the unvarnished truth about what it takes to become a beekeeper.

Stay tuned.

Oh, wait. I bet you’re wondering about the chicks. That was the other part of this particular rumor — that my sister would also be getting some chickens. I thought this was at least as fabulous as the bees idea. Unfortunately, she’s run into a few speed bumps as far as the chicks are concerned. So, for now, the chicks part refers to us — Mary Beth and Barbara.

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  1. Hey, Jamie forwarded me the link. Thought I’d say hello since Bees and Chicks are exactly something we’ve been angling toward for a while. We’re in Suburban Cleveland so it makes it a bit tricky but we think we might be able to pull it off for next season. Both hopefully. Eggs and Honey.

    Will read with great interest.


  2. Hey Mark,
    A suburban setting is something I’m having to contend with as well. Zero lot lines make nosy neighbors a real issue. So for now, I’ll have to be happy with creating a bee-friendly habitat. Out goes the lawn. In go native plants.


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